"Not all who wander are aimless. Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition, beyond definition, beyond the image."

Wednesday, April 27

The beauty around us

My recent trip back to the U S of A has been great. But, instead of giving you the play by play, I wanted to share some random tidbits. Over the course of my holiday, I witnessed, experienced, and felt many beautiful things. Some truly remarkable and others humorously simple, but all took my attention fully and led me into some sort of reflection....it's these type of things that rarely get the attention they deserve...so, here's giving an extra moment of notice...

The newly weds (Jay and Kaleigh) enclose a bottle of wine (representing their relationship...one that will age well and get better with time) along with notes to one another inside a box. The box, wine, and letters are to be opened on their 10th anniversary.

My cousin, who suffered a stroke several years ago which resulted in partial paralysis, briefly left her cane and (balance guide) dog behind so she could share a dance with her newlywed son.

Lizards. (okay, let me explain). I was sitting outside and this random lizard totally captivated me. I sat there, staring at this prehistoric looking thing and was transported to my childhood. I used to (regularly) catch them and make them bite my ears. Just like that, I had a pair of earrings. A part of me wanted to reach out and grab the lizard---but, I know, even if I decided to do it, I would have hesitated to catch it....let alone let the freakin' thing bite my ear. It made me appreciate my fearless younger self.

Nearly 6 months after being diagnosed with lung cancer and being told he had only weeks to live, my grandfather has tackled cruises and road trips and is making preparations for his November "I'm still here" party.

Carrots. Fresh from my brother's garden.

Jetblue. If you don't agree, try Air Asia as a budget air option and get back to me.

Enjoying Jamie's chicken and dumplings in the company of 4 people who have known me longer (and better) than most others.

Listening to my 98 year old great, great uncle retell the story about the time he came to our Christmas Party and we got him drunk.

Watching my friend---who kicks ass at being a vet---kick ass at being a mom even more.

Sitting on my bro's dock, watching the sunset, with him and mom, while trying to understand why the ducks found it absolutely necessary to get on the dock the moment we were sitting there.

Sitting next to my 19 year old cat, watching her doze off into a snore...

Being the first to occupy the guestroom in Jo and Ty's new house...and being around 2 people who make it easy to believe in love.

Sitting business class!! (ah, the beauty of knowing people in the industry! ;) )

Baking a cake with Grandma.

Eating breakfast with pops and getting the tour of the garden.

Closing down the wedding dance floor with some kind of crazy swaying, jumping, swinging, rocking moves---with all the cousins---led by GG.

Having a completely random Easter gathering at the park with GG and all her grandchildren that ended in a big soccer game. If only we had taken that picture...!