"Not all who wander are aimless. Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition, beyond definition, beyond the image."

Friday, December 23

oh--and p.s.

I don't know how I forgot this is my last entry---or what made me think of it right now (perhaps looking out from my 14th floor view at work and thinking about all the stories I've heard about the way this building can SWAY when an earthquake hits). Anyhoo, we experienced our first earthquake a few nights ago!! And when I say "we experienced" I really mean Molly experienced and I sat there with absolutely NO CLUE. I was sitting on the couch--glued to the episode of CSI (or SVU...one of those shows that takes over me), molly was in the room and Connor was on the phone. I had no idea what had gone on until Connor said "no one even got excited for that?? Can we at least get a 'whoop, whoop' for the earthquake?"!! I was pissed! It was a 4.something by us---which is not that big....but plenty big enough that you shouldn't be able to just sit completely oblivious through it. I did. But according to Mol, it felt like someone was running down the hall, and then it felt like someone was shaking the house. Haha. Typing that out makes me laugh! HOW IN THE HELL DID I MISS THAT?!!? So, if you've ever tried talking to me while I was watching CSI or SVU and you got mad at me for not having any response to you, please take comfort in the fact that you probably could have SHAKEN me and I still wouldn't have responded. That is all. Back to my newspaper!


Tuesday, December 20

And the plan is...

Well, Christmas is fast approaching and I can't believe it! Where has the time gone? I don't want to make this too long but now that me and molly have a plan, I wanted to fill everyone in! Now, when I say a plan, I really just mean direction! We are all about playing things by ear.
First on our agenda is a car---it is a work in progress and we would LOVE to have one by the time Jules and Jarrod get here (12 Jan!!) but I guess it won't be the end of the world if we had to wait a bit longer. Our last day of work is 20 Jan and we couldn't be more excited! We have done a great job of saving up and are ready to spend it all on NZ adventures!! We are going to hit the road towards the end of Jan/beg. of Feb. and head up the North Island. We have started looking at tents, sleeping bags and other camping gear b/c we made an excutive decision to "rough it" for the next 2 months!! We may have to cough up some money on gear (tent, etc) but from our calculations, it will pay for itself in the first week at least (compare the price of a camp ground at $2-$5 to a hostel at $18-$28). We couldn't be more excited about this and are both getting a bit antsy (phil, that means we are really excited!!!). We are going to take 2 months to explore the entire north island---moving up the east coast and back down the west coast. The weather will be nice and warm and perfect for the beaches that are the north island. We'll be back here in Welly at the end of March--just in time for Molly's family to come visit and get in a reunion with the 29a flatmates. Then, it's down the south island where we will prepare for some INTENSE tramping experiences and crazy views (the north island has plenty but the south is known for it's SICK views and daredevil activities!).

So, for those of you who have been slacking on the blog, I promise it will get hella more exciting as we load everything into our little car (that we have yet to own) and make our way up the north island! Stories and beautiful pics are sure to follow! Although, getting to a computer will more a bit more difficult! If I dont talk to you, have a great Christmas---miss and love you!

next time you hear from me here, it will hopefully be to tell you that we have a car and are hitting the road!!

Thursday, December 15

pics to go along with last blog!

The little balloon friend that Phil left behind for us! Me and Mol at Phil's farewell dinner
The cave wetter!! Just imagine hundreds of these guys crawling right above your head!
Me and Phil outside Westpac stadium before the big cricket game
The cricket game!
More pics on http://photos.yahoo.com/mollyfoos

Friday, December 9

Just a lil' tidbit

Hi all :) Well, it is slowly but surely starting to look like christmas over here! Well, not really at all seeing as it gets warmer each day. But the decorations are going up, the music has started, and the tree with our popcorn (which me may have to guard from connor so he doesn't eat them in the middle of the night ;) ) and pasta ornaments is soon to come! Not much going on besides work these days but I thought I'd fill you in on a few fun happenings!

A few weekends ago, we had a flat outing to the top of Mt. KauKau---late at night. It was a fun walk and a fab-tabulous view of the city lights. Somewhere on our walk back down, it became a great idea to re-visit the creepy tunnel that me and mol found a few weeks before. I think me and connor MIGHT have had something to do with that brilliant idea. So, we started the creepy trek up the pitch dark mountain with locked arms--no one wanting to be the last in the group. When we got to the tunnel, Connor bravely took off in to it with his torch and we all followed. Now, if you recall (see the pic in previous blog!), this tunnel was not that tall. We had to hunch down to fit into it. I think we were all preoccupied with fairy-tale scares (aka...ghosts) that the possibility of this cave being a bug haven just sort of slipped our minds. So, we get about half way into this thing and Conner happens to point his torch towards the ceiling (which, mind you, is really close to our heads)---it was CRAWLING with cave wetters! A creature that was new to the American kids and hated by the leader of the group! We all got the ebby jibbies and hi-tailed it out of there. I'll put a pic of this thing on my site soon...it was large...very large...and they were EVERYWHERE....and UGH! Sarah proved to be a great sport when mol looked at her with this look of terror on her face and told sarah "oh my god, DON'T move!". Everyone thought sarah had one of these creepy things on her...and mol started laughing. I would have cried, of thrown her back into the cave of something....but sarah just shook it off!! That night, I woke up to a spider on my face---and no, I wasn't dreaming it. I flicked the thing off me, then found it and killed it. Unlike me to kill a hramless spider---just happened to pick the wrong night to craml on my face!

Cricket players are wankers!!!
Me, mol and Phill took a day off of work and had our first cricket experience (well, it was a first for me and mol). When Phil first told me the game would go on from 2pm until 10pm, I laughed--thinking that there was no way in hell I would stay there for that long. All I could think about was baseball on steriods--and lets face it, baseball is not the most exciting sport to watch (unless it's a rice championship game and you are so excited that you dump your beer all over the person next to you!! --sorry amanda!! :)). Anyhoo, the game turned out to be awesome! The crowd was hilarious as were some of their outfits (we had some singlets, some rally looking boys--and some other crazy drunk people wearing things they couldn't have possibly been comfrotable in!). Soon after we were there, everyone broke out into a "ricky is a wanker" cheer that continued on and off for the entire 8 hour game! Hilarious. It was a crazy close game--Australia beat us by only 2 runs and it came down to the 2nd to last ball of the last over (for those of you that, like me a few days ago, know nothing about cricket, that's really freakin close!). So, yes, we did stay for the entire game...and it was awesome! And me and Mol are now experts and no longer need to ask Phil 1001 questions....

Speaking of the Phil
The Phil has somehow managed to pack up all his stuff and this morning left us to continue on his journey. We've all shared a similar sucky-ness about traveling. You meet great people, you become really close in a short about of time, you have so many great times together, and then someone leaves. That's just the way it goes but i have no doubt that we'll all meet again! Before he left, we had a flat dinner and Phil graciously got us all great gifts! And, we'll have a constant reminder of him as long as we have balloons in the flat. (Balloons became 'a thing' with us and we are all slightly obsessed with them. They make us laugh...it's the little things!). Phil is famous for writing on the balloons and dressing them up somehow & he left us a smiling balloon that is saying "I bet I'll make it til christmas" with a little hat on. Like I said---the little things!

Well, it's back to my work day! Have I mentioned that I love Mufty friday's?!

I'm glad mr/mrs anoymous is having fun with this!!!