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Thursday, July 19

As a foreigner...

Things I have learned as a foreigner in my own country.
**These are strictly my personal--and yes, limited, experiences as I work to repatriate myself...

  • When asked if you can borrow their phone, 100% of strangers will say yes.
  • When you hold the door for someone, 100% of people will make eye contact and thank you. 
  • There is no substitute for family and a strong sense of community---and both of those things are everywhere if you just open your eyes. 
  • When greeted with a smile, 100% of people will return the gesture. 
  • 50% of strangers don't know where Bangkok is. 
  • The security lines at airports are ridiculously long and seemingly inefficient. 
  • There are a frightening number of obese children.
  • Despite being the fattest nation in the world, summer in the North brings out the activity in people--and it's contagious. 
  • People put more value in a dog-shit-free lawn then in a plastic-free Earth.
  • The staff at the LIRR are generally unhelpful. 
  • There is an under-usage of fans and an over-usage of air conditioning. 
  • Many people have a garden, compost, recycle, and/or use re-usable bags. 
  • There are a frightening number of parents who don't know the first thing about discipline.
  • There seem to be jobs. 
  • Water fountains are amazing. Tap water is amazing. People take both for granted regularly. 
  • 80% of strangers don't know what language is spoken in Thailand. 
  • Everything is big--people, houses, boats, cars, roads.
  • Just because you might look the same, doesn't mean you're immune to feeling like a foreigner. 
  • There are WAY too many TV channels. 

*This list is not yet exhausted as the road to adjusting back is far from over...

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Lol!! Love it. :-)